AsianStreetMeat – Amon

I fuck for a living. It is a good job. Only foreigners. I look after myself and I do it well. I fuck for money, only money, no freebies. And I am well worth it. I go short time and long. I will stay with a man for weeks, and be his girlfriend if he keeps paying me. I like money.

Pass: elcazadorxxx

I like sex. I like nice clean foreign man with hard white cock. I am not going to work in a store and get told what to do by some boss that secretly wants to fuck me. I will walk side by side with an older guy on holiday. That is better. Some man that has just divorced from his wife and has got freedom and money to spend. Young man too, if he has got money. He pays for me and I fuck. For an hour. Or all night. If he starts to get mean, I find another man. I am Amon. I fuck on video.

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