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ou will have read many descriptions on this site of girls who have had previous careers in ‘normal’ jobs, or who have been ‘good girls’, but then preferred the life of money and sex. Well Leep Leep is sort of the opposite. She has only ever sold herself, for the love of the life of easy money and blind sex.

Pass: elcazadorxxx

Until one of her customers – a hotelier – recognized her talents and fantastic physique and recommended her as a hotel receptionist. Leep Leep has been around quite a few hotels in her time. So now, when you check in at the lobby, Leep Leep will show you to your room. You can feel her up in the lift and touch her bum as you walk down the corridor. But she doesn’t fuck for money any more – well not much. She is now the chief receptionist, and hotelier’s unofficial bit on the side. She only fucks customers when he is out of town. And it was her express desire that we do not show this video to the public, or it might screw up a good thing for her. Leep Leep, fantastic, on HD.

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