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I have seen Nuan occasionally over the last two years, looking bored with her daytime job as a room maid. She never really wanted to talk to me after I did the video of her. She probably thought that I ruined her life.

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Anyway, she could not avoid me, as she was sent to prepare the room for me, and I arrived early. So I asked her if she wanted to do another video, and take it up her ass this time. She glanced at me with complete disdain, continued sweeping the floor. I said that all the girls are doing it now, but they are not as pretty as you. She pretended not to hear, but betrayed herself with a quick smile before reverting to her bored expression. Then she turned to me, looked directly at me, and in silence nodded her head. Call for ass fuck room service, and watch Nuan on high definition.

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