AsianStreetMeat – Sashimi

Sashimi sells sushi on the sea shore. That is not a tongue twister, it is what she actually does. She works in this booth on the other side of the road to the beach and sells sushi. She used to do very well, but business has dropped off a bit. That is not the reason that she fucks around after work though. She fucks foreigners because she fucking loves it.

Pass: elcazadorxxx

And the sushi stall is the perfect means to meet and weigh up customers. If she likes you, she writes her phone number on a slip of paper in the box. She fucks well, has got a clean brown bottom, and is quite adept at anal sex. I cannot tell you that she is a super slut, well at least not yet. As many girls do, Sashimi definitely believes that ejaculate entering both ends of her digestive tract will help keep her youthful and beautiful. And it is a pleasure buggering her up between her tight brown buttocks. She has got a nice pink box as well, which she lightly fingers while getting sodded up the shitter. A good girl, a girl with a daytime job and a sense of value and worth. Delightfully ass fucked Sashimi

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