AsianStreetMeat – Set

Skinny long legged Set got fired from her job as sales girl in the men’s clothing section of the shopping mall. She couldn’t sell anything because she didn’t fucking say nothing. She did go home with a couple of the customers for sex, but that was standard.

Pass: elcazadorxxx

She avoided sex with the department manager ‘cos he was cheap as shyte. And at the end of the first month, she had made no sales. And got fired. Again. This was not her first job. Do you know how many shopping malls there are in the city? Well Kum has worked at most of them. Always in the menswear department. Always makes no sales. Always has sex with a few of the customers. Good thing she is not a working girl, isn’t it? Well anyway, I fucked her. Her soft boobies bounced back and forth and her cunt was wet. Nice long black hair and that sort of stuff. Didn’t say much. But she did swallow my sperm as soon as I came in her mouth. Have a look at Kum, and what do you think of my new shirt on HD video?

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